Enjoy modern three-storey living at The Mill!

Enjoy modern three-storey living at The Mill!

Enjoy modern three-storey living at The Mill!

If you’re looking for a new home why not go up in the world - and experience the benefits of three-storey living? More space and increased options for designing your home to suit your needs are some of the reasons these stylish properties are proving so appealing to both families and couples, according to developer Lovell Homes.

Buyers are often surprised at the extra space offered by a three-storey home compared with a two-storey home.   

“It’s a design which works particularly well for families,” says Lovell Homes regional sales director Julie Bowen. “Buyers aren’t restricted by traditional room layouts, with many choosing to have a family room on the ground floor, next to the kitchen, so that becomes the hub of the home during the day. Having the bedrooms divided over two floors can also work well for parents with teenagers who are starting to want their independence, while two top-floor bedrooms allow very young children to be close to mum and dad.

“At the same time, three-storey living can be brilliant for people who work from home as it’s so easy to convert one of the rooms into a home office. The extensive accommodation - with two bathrooms and potential for two living rooms - also makes these properties the perfect choice for two friends teaming up to buy as there is plenty of room for each to have their own space.

“It all depends what suits you - the great thing about the Aspen three-storey house style is the versatility. You can arrange the space as you want it, and also adapt it as your needs change.”

A layout that works for both adults and little ones is why three-storey living is proving so successful for one busy family-of-five - Carl and Sally and their three children moved into a brand-new home very similar to the Aspen at one of Lovell’s developments in the South Wales and South West region in January 2016.


Creating a family room on the ground floor of their home has given the younger members of the family the perfect place to play with their toys, watch TV and do arts and crafts. “The kids do everything in there,” says Sally. “We’ve got a sofa in there, built-in storage for all their toys and they have a table and chairs so they can sit there and eat after school. As they get older, we’re planning to move in desks and computer equipment so it can be used for homework. The kitchen is also on the ground floor and has lots of space with plenty of room for us to sit there too and eat together - when the family all come over, there are ten of us round the table.”

The family bought their home off-plan, moving from a three-bedroom semi-detached house nearby. “Originally, we were going to go for a four-bedroom house at the development but when we looked closely at the three-bed, three-storey homes, they actually offered more floor space.”

Their home has other benefits too. With the family room on the ground floor, it frees up the first-floor living room as more of a ‘grown up’ space for Sally and her husband. She explains: “It’s about having some adult space for us. In our old house we only had the one lounge and that had all the toys in it. I would have to spend an hour tidying them away before we could sit down in the evening and relax - and then the kids would get them all out again the next day. That’s not to say we don’t all use the first-floor lounge but it tends to be more at the weekend when we might put a DVD on and have a cinema afternoon. We have a piano in the room too and the children enjoy singing while my husband plays. But during the week, the first-floor living room is more an adult room where we can chill out in the evening.”


Carl and Sally’s son, their youngest child, has now settled into the first-floor bedroom, while their two daughters are enjoying sharing the large second bedroom, which has room for both a double and single bed, two wardrobes and other storage, while still providing lots of floorspace for toys and games.  When they were smaller, the two younger children shared the top-floor room, next to their parents. “It’s made perfect sense for us,” says Sally. “We could easily have gone for a four-bedroom house but if we had, we wouldn’t have had our play room downstairs and separate lounge upstairs. We all love living here.”

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